Every myth has its story

If Gardel were alive, he would be 129 years old.

One of the main issues of the controversy over the nationality of icon Carlos Gardel is related to the relationship between the singer and Colonel Carlos Escayola, a history hidden for decades.

This documentary aims to shed light on this mystery: the story of Carlos Escayola, a story closely linked to our origins as a country and as a community. A really complex character and the political leader of what was known as the “California of the South”, Cnel Escayola is said to have had 50 children, apart from the 14 he had with the three Oliva sisters, lawfully wedded wives before the Law and the Church. The son of the scandal had to disappear and became Carlos Gardel.

In this research adventure, Ricardo Casas manages to find some traces of the XIXth Century in our present, while at the same time portraying the historic identity of the “deep Uruguay”.